Schmahl Organ Tablatures

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The Schmahl Organ Tablatures (de: Schmahls Orgeltabulaturen), is a collection of five manuscripts which is currently housed in the Biblioteka Jagiellonska, Kraków. The bundle (de: "Das Konvolut") contains works by Dietrich Buxtehude, Vincent Lübeck, Nicolaus Bruhns, and others.


The manuscripts were owned by Heinrich Schmahl, the organist at St. Jacobi in Hamburg, before his death in 1892. After this, they were owned by Philipp Spitta, then by the Berlin Königliche Bibliothek (accession number 1907.828). At a later point, they were housed in the Staatsbibliothek Berlin until 1945, and now are located in Kraków. The manuscripts are apparently not stored under the shelfmark Mus. ms. 40295, or any other shelfmark[1].


The title page has the following text (italics represent later additions by librarians).

Mus. ms. 40295 M 1907.828 / Sehr werthvolle / alte / theilweise Original-Manuscripte / in Tabulaturschrift / geschreiben, / enthaltent / Orgelstücke von D. Buxtehude, Vinzent Lübeck, / N. Bruhns, Leyding, / aus dem Nachlaß / des weil Org. Redekers, / welcher sie aus Org. Westphals (Org. zu St Nicolai, / und Schüler Kittels) Nachlaß erstanden. / 5 Hefte

Help wanted: are the descriptions of the other manuscripts available somewhere else?

Mus. ms. 40295/1[edit]

The first manuscript is dated 1696 by an unknown copyist and contains BuxWV 151.

Title page: (Mus. ms. 40295/1) / M 1907.828 / Buxtehude / 5 Blatt

P. 2-5: Praeludium / D B H / Ao 1696 d[en] 25 Junius

Mus. ms. 40295/2[edit]

Mus. ms. 40295/3[edit]

Mus. ms. 40295/4[edit]

The fourth manuscript is dated from the beginning of the 18th century and is written by an unknown copyist. It contains 6 pages, one of which is blank, and includes the "Little Prelude" in e minor by Bruhns[2] and one by Buxtehude, a copy of the Prelude in D Major–BuxWV 139.

Title page: Praeludium / ex E / Com Pedahl / di / NBruhns / Praeludium / ex D / Com pedahl / di / D. B. H.

P. 4-5: Praeludium / di / D. B. H.

Mus. ms. 40295/5[edit]


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