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This page will store updates and bits of news relating to pipe-organ.wiki. If you have an account, feel free to "watch" this page so you will recieve email notifications when it is updated.


  • 2024 January 1 - TorBlock extension is disabled, because moderation extension has been installed.


  • 2023 December 1 - Upgraded to 1.40.2 (hopefully...?).
  • 2023 August 14 - IPv6 should be enabled.
  • 2023 July 29 - Extension:Score might be working? Will continue to monitor.
  • 2023 July 28 - (Temporarily?) Disabled visual editor because it seems to mess up categories (puts them into index.php?title= format)
  • 2023 July 25 - Almost all entries from wvlist.net have been copied into pipe-organ.wiki (ignoring a few entries which were not composers for the organ).
  • 2023 July 22 - Have fun with Template:RISM and Template:IMSLP
  • 2023 July 18 - Have unfortunately hit a roadblock while trying to install the Score extension. Will try again later.
  • 2023 July 17 (yesterday) - The wiki has been created. Let's see how this goes. Many thanks to Irahs who is the first user to register, and who graciously included Template:Disposition.