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Pages in the custom Errors: namespace are intended to keep track of errata which appear in the publication of composers works.

Note: The Errors: page is mostly meant as a repository of where to find corrections in official sources (such as the composer's website, a book from a reliable source, or similar).

Absolutely no original research or un-cited corrections should be left on these pages. ALL corrections MUST be correctly cited. If you decide to copy the corrections in text form instead of just linking to it, you MUST NOT modify the corrections text in any way (except for formatting, perhaps...but do this sparingly).

If at all possible, you should look for the materials that are cited to double-check that the corrections have not been falsely modified.

At the bottom of every composer's article, you should include the


template which will automatically link to that composer's errors page.


Errors:Jean Langlais

Errors:Jean-Baptiste Robin


All errors: pages